Physical installation

Physical installation

The following illustration provides an overview of mounting and wiring of TELSCOPE
At Our Support Portal can read more about TELSCOPE Installation, Configuration, Block Diagram, Documents


☐  Check that you have all relevant information about IT Settings for the TELSCOPE installation this will normally be provided by the Integrator or Customer IT Department

☐  Check with the responsible Integrator about which instruments that will be connected to TELSCOPE

☐  Check with the responsible Integrator about which hardware options that will be connected to TELSCOPE 



The processor unit can be mounted inside a console or other suitable space.
When selecting a mounting location, keep in mind the following points

☐  Select a location where vibrations are down to a minimum

☐  Locate the unit away from heat sources because of heat that can build up inside the cabinet

☐  Locate the equipment away from places subject to water splash and rain

☐  A magnetic compass will be affected if the processor unit is placed too close to the magnetic compass. Observe the compass safe distances to prevent deviation of a magnetic compass

☐  When the best location has been found, mount the TELSCOPE using the included brackets



TELSCOPE have Multipower, with uninterrupted switchover if power loss occurs 100-240 VAC / 24 VDC
(optionally via UPS) TELSCOPE need to be connected to 220 VAC or 24 VDC emergency power
Power Consumption Max 50W, Normal 39W

☐  110-220 VAC

☐  24 VDC

☐  UPS Unit (Option)



Ensure that the TELSCOPE network connectors are wired according to their intended purposes

☐  LAN1 (enp3s0) - Ship Network (Requirement)

☐  LAN2 (enp4s0) - IEC 61162-450 (Option)

☐  LAN3 (enp1s0) - Spare / Automation System (Option)

☐  LAN4 (enp2s0) - Service Port



The COM ports are equipped with Phoenix 5-pin connectors and are intended for IEC 61162-1 (NMEA) connections. 
As a minimum, TELSCOPE shall be connected to an IMO approved GPS for position and time

☐  USB0 - GPS (RX+ RX-)  (Requirement)

☐  USB1 - INS/ECDIS (RX+ RX-)  (Nmea Out - Gyro, Log, Wind, Sounder) (Recommended)

☐  USB2 - BAM / SPARE (RX+ RX- TX+ TX-)  (Option)

☐  USB3 - VDR (TX+ TX-)  (Option)



VIDEO -  TELSCOPE can be used as a workstation with directly connected Display (Option)
The monitor may be connected using any of the provided display connectors.
Ensure that the processor and monitor units are mounted and wired with common ground

☐  Display - (IEC 60945)

☐  Primary - (1x DP++)

☐ Secondary - (2x DVI)

USB - Use the provided bracket to block out USB connectors that are not in use

☐  Keyboard - (IEC 60945)

☐  Mouse - (IEC 60945)


☐  3x Cable Retainer


☐  2x Mounting Bracket


☐ 1x Power Cable US Type


☐  1x Power Cable European Type


☐  4x 5-Pin Connectors (NMEA)


☐  1x 2-Pin Connector (Power)



When the TELSCOPE Server has been mounted and connected to network and sensors. 
Configuration of TELSCOPE software can be done

☐  Read more in Configuration Manual -