TELSCOPE Data Collection

TELSCOPE data collection can be broadly divided into two categories:
Navigation data, and engine room data


Navigation data

TELSCOPE requires an IEC 61162-1 (NMEA) serial connection to a GPS providing compliant sentences for position, time and speed/course over ground:

  • Position: GGA, GLL, GNS, RMC
  • Course over ground (COG): RMC, VTG, OSD
  • Speed over ground (SOG): RMC, VTG, OSD

TELSCOPE will also make use of additional provided navigation data provided via IEC 61162-1 (NMEA) compliant sentences,

provided over serial connection, UDP or via a TCP/IP server or

IEC 61162-450 (NMEA),

TELSCOPE can also read data from HermAce (NMEA UDP) but in this case we need a Data dump  before so we can confirm the data from HermAce

  • Speed through water (STW): VBW, VHW, OSD
  • Heading (HDG): HDT, THS, VHW, OSD
  • Depth (DPT): DBT, DPT
  • Wind: MWV

For some ECDIS brands, such as TELKO TECDIS, TELSCOPE may also be able to retrieve navigational data connected to the ECDIS from proprietary sentences.


Engine room data

Engine room data, such as tank readings, machinery states, running hours, etc may be provided to TELSCOPE via one or more of the following protocols and connections

currently supported, with more to come:

  • Modbus over TCP/IP 
  • OPC UA over TCP/IP (TELSCOPE as client)
  • IEC 61162-1 (NMEA) over serial, UDP or TCP/IP (TELSCOPE as client), using standard or proprietary sentences

Standard sensors see below but if there is a possibility for more automatic events with

on/off, in/out, start/stop etc  then it is possible if the customer wants this.

If we don't get 0/1, we can trigger at RPM, Clutch etc to indicate a start or stop


Exampel Below:

Tanks (All type):                        Volumes

Main engines:                            start / stop / running hours

Aux engines:                              start / stop / running hours

Thrusters:                                   start / stop / running hours

Boilers:                                       start / stop / running hours

Shore power:                              on / off / kw

Battery:                                       on / off / kw (load/charge)

Fins & Stabilizers:                     In / Out