Connection tests

Chapter 1.

General tests

A.Check your subscription. Make sure that your subscription has not expired.

B.Try another connection method.If you use an internet connection, try downloading by email. If you use email already, try using another email account/system. If this is successful, you have verified that the problem is with your connection, not your chart system or a problem with the serviceyou are trying to reach.

C.Try updating the chart software.Telko AS provides software updates containing both bug fixes and new features free of charges at our website Your problem may be due to a bug in the software that we have fixed in an update.


Chapter 2.

Internet connection tests

D .(TECDIS Only) Make sure that the internet connection is not turned off.In a valid TECDIS installation with a direct internet connection, a switch has been installed so that the internet connection can be turned off when not in use.

E. Verify that you can reach the servers.Exit the chart system (For TECIDS: insert the TECDIS Service Key first), open Internet Explorer and try the following addresses. If the reply does not match what is indicated in this table, you are not reaching the weather service servers.

F. If test Ifailed, see if you can reach the servers using IP addresses.Continue where you left off in the previous test. Try the following addresses and see if the replies match what is specified in the table.

If these tests succeed, the problem is with your DNS Settings. (TECDIS Only: If you have not performed test F, do so now, then run the following file and see if the problem is fixed: C:\Program Files\TECDIS\AddCMapHosts.exe)

G. If test J failed, have your network administrators check the firewall. Make sure that the firewall in you internet setup is not blocking your weather data requests.


Chapter 3.

E-mail connection tests

H. Check your spam folder.Make sure that the replies to your request email from Jeppesen Marine arenot being marked as spam.

I. Try setting a lower Max Attachment Size.Your email service may be having problems with the data attachments. Try lowering the Max Attachment Size value.

J. Make sure you are not using old request / reply files. Delete all request and reply files from the USB memory stick so that you are sure you are not using the request or reply files from a previous download (or from the other TECDIS).

K. (TECDIS Only) Update only one TECDIS at a time.If you send requests from both TECDIS systems at the same time, it is very easy to get the reply files mixed up