Finalize errors

Guide for removing recurring Finalize errors:

NOTE: This procedure is only valid for S63 charts in TECDIS.

In TECDIS, you can get a Finalize error message when trying to import S63 charts. This error message comes when you try to load exactly the same chart as you already have installed. The error message is generally harmless and should not require any attention if charts are displayed after the import is completed.


If you experience that charts are not displayed, please make sure:

  • That the charts are installed
    • They will be listed in the Setup menu (S63-GB, S63-6N etc).
  • That the charts are activated
    • There must be a checkmark besides their entry in the Setup menu.
  • That you are viewing your charts in an appropriate scale
  • Press F4 to view the chart legend. This will indicate the chart scale for each chart cell. Change the view scale on the topbar to match.

If the charts still are not presented, check your chart loading log for the Finalize error:

1.Insert Service Key and enter Service Mode

2.Exit TECDIS, and enter Windows desktop

3.Open My Computer or Computer

4.Go to C:\Program Files\TECDIS\S63SYS

5.Find the most recent logs there, named S63Import YYMMDD


Removing the charts

Part 1

1.Insert Service Key and enter Service Mode

2.Exit TECDIS, and enter Windows desktop

3.Press the Start button

4.There you select All programs or Programs

5.Find the folderC-Map Professional SDK Runtime

6.There you will find a program called C-Map Chart Manager. Open it.

7.In the appearing window, there is a list of all installed chart databases in TECDIS.

8.Click on the line called(S63-GB) or (S63-6N), it will now turn blue

9.Press the Unregister database button

10.Verify that the listing for(S63-GB)or (S63-6N) is removed from the list.

11.Close C-Map Chart Manager

Part 2

1.Press the Start button

2.In the start menu you will find a shortcut to the Control Panel

3.Press Appearance and Personalisation

4.Under Folder options, there is a link to "Show hidden files". Press it (Alternatively press the link Folder options, And in the appearing window select the tab "view")

5.Search the appearing list for an entry called Show hidden files and folders. Make sure there is aselection dot on the left side of the entry

6.Close the open windows

Part 3

1.OpenMy Computeror Computer

2.TECDIS models 2138AA/DA, 2026TC:

2.1.Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Applicat ion Data\

2.1.1.There you will find either a Jeppesen or a C-Map fold er. Open it .

2.1.2.From there , go to \C-Map Professional SDK Runtime\Databases

2.1.3.Delete the folder S63GB or S636N (delete both if they both are present)

3.TECDIS models 2138BA, 2424:

3.1.Go to C:\ProgramData\CMAP\C-Map Professional SDK Runtime\Databases

3.1.1.Delete the folder S63GBor S636N (delete both if they both are present)

4.Go to C:\Program Files\TECDIS\S63SYS

4.1.Delete all files in the folder Products

4.2.Delete the file pmt.dat

4.3.Delete the filebases.dat


Reinstall charts

Install charts as normal.

  • Make sure you install both base and update charts.
  • You may need to install your Cell Permits before adding chart cells, this depends on your chart service.
  • Contact your Chart provider for more information and assistance.