TECDIS and TECDIS TCS Update procedure

TECDIS and TECDIS TCS Update procedure

This procedure updates the software on TECDIS and TECDIS TCS systems to the latest released software version, and provides all quality approved bug fixes available for the software, as detailed on the web page http://www.telko.no/site/support/tecdis/release_history.


Retrieving the latest update

  1. On a separate computer, access the following web site:


  2. From this web site, download the file TECDISUpdate.exe1 and save this to external media (USB memory stick or CD/DVD).



  1. On the TECDIS or TECDIS TCS, insert the TECDIS Service Key.

  2. Press the toolbar button in the upper left corner of the display, labeled ‘Exit TECDIS’.

  3. Confirm the selection by pressing ‘Yes’. After a short delay, the standard windows desktop should now be displayed.

  4. Insert the external media containing the file TECDISUpdate.exe.

  5. Open ‘My Computer’ and open the external media inserted in the previous step.

  6. Run TECDISUpdate.exe. Confirm that the file should be run if windows requests confirmation.

  7. A TECDIS Update welcome screen is shown. Press ‘Next’.

  8. A TECDIS Update ready screen is shown. Press ‘Next’.

  9. Wait while TECDIS Update installs the updated files.

  10. A TECDIS Update finished screen is shown. Press ‘Finish’.

  11. Remove the external media containing TECDISUpdate.exe.

  12. Remove the TECDIS Service Key.

  13. On the windows Start menu, press ‘Turn off computer’ and select ‘Restart’.

  14. Wait until the system has restarted and the normal TECDIS display is operational.


Verification of successfully applied update

  1. On the TECDIS or TECDIS TCS, check if the menu folders on the right side of the screen are visible.

  2. If they are not, press the folder icon at the upper right corner of the screen, labeled ‘Tool menu folders’.

  3. Select the menu folder labeled ‘Chart’.

  4. Press the button named ‘?’ to the immediate left of the buttons ‘S52’ and ‘INT1’. A chart legend window will be displayed.

  5. Note the version number specified in the first entry of the chart legend (TECDIS Software). The version number is the value of this field up to the # character.

  6. Compare the version number noted in the previous step to the version number specified on the web page http://www.telko.no/site/support/tecdis. If these version numbers are equal, the update procedure has succeeded.