Shore Preparation

Before installing the TelScope computers on board, the shore connection must be initialized. For a dual installation, this must be done for both the TelScope computers.

We highly recommend to do this on shore before installing the computers on the vessel. The server needs general internet access to complete this step.

Accessing the configuration tool

  • Connect a display, keyboard and mouse to the computer and connect the computer to internet.
  • Turn on the computer. It will log in automatically (no password required) and show web browser in full screen.
  • Open a new tab with Ctrl+T and type in the url: http://localhost:3003

The shore preparation page

The goal of this stage is to configure the vpn connection between the shore servers and the TelScope computer and to download the license file for TelScope. The process is fully automated.

  • Type in the IMO number of the vessel and press the "Initialize" button.

The status section shows what part of the process has been successfully completed.

When the process has been completed the VPN connection can be tested with the button. Please make sure connection if working before installing the computer on board. This eases the troubleshooting if the connection can not be established when the computer is installed on board.

  • Repeat this process for the second computer.

Initializing the dual connection

For the first computer, a final step is needed to initialize the dual setup. This initialization is done via the shore servers, so the two computers don't have to be directly connected at this stage. 

  • On the first computer, press the "Exchange keys" button after the second computer is initialized to complete the shore preparation of this computer.


For security reasons, the initialization process can only be carried out once. 

Contact for assistance if the initialization process fails.


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