Data Collection Serial

Data Collection

At this page the serial ports on the back of the system is either enabled or disabled. At least GPS data should be configured for a working TELSCOPE installation. To make changes, disable the desired serial port. The USB ports at the back of the TELSCOPE server are labeled with the same text as in this page. Data will be shown (if received) in the box below baudrate selection.

IEC 61162-1 / NMEA Sentences in use

TelScope can make use of the following IEC 61162-1 / NMEA sentences:

  • Time: GGA, GLL, GNS, RMC, ZDA
  • Position: GGA, GLL, GNS, RMC
  • Course over ground (COG): RMC, VTG, OSD
  • Speed over ground (SOG): RMC, VTG, OSD
  • Speed through water (STW): VBW, VHW, OSD
  • Heading (HDG): HDT, THS, VHW, OSD
  • Depth (DPT): DBT, DPT
  • Wind: MWV