Telko products: TECDIS(4.7/4.8), TELCHART(3.7/3.8)

This procedure should be used for the following error messages:

• Ini file write error

• Erroneous user created content


Datawash is a support program by Telko to scan user created content in TECDIS, and either fix or delete any damaged content. User created content can be routes, symbols, lines/areas or tracks.

Before using Datawash, please update to TECDIS version 4.7.x.23or newer on both computers if necessary.

The update file is available on

This procedure should be performed on both units before they are allowed to communicate with each other again.

Both devices must be in windows mode


Follow these instructions to perform Datawash:

1. Insert service key, and exit TECDIS to windows desktop

2. In windows, go to: C:/Program Files/TECDIS and locate the Datawash.exe file

3. Double click the file, and run it.

4. Follow the steps in the program.Make sure Detailed logis checked.

5. Make sure you perform a backup when the program asks you to!

6. Restart TECDIS computer without service keywhen the Datawash program is finished.