BAM interface over IEC 61162-1

Connection to bridge alert management systems (BAM)

TelScope can be connected to the BAM system using the IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183) protocol. 

Serial port ttyUSB2 should be used for this connection.

TelScope exchanges messages as specified in ISO-21745 (Electronic record books for ships) and in accordance with the IEC 62923 (Bridge alert management) specification.

The following alerts may be transmitted on this interface:

  • Storage fault - Alert ID: 3063, Instance 1
  • Lost recording - Alert ID: 3009, Instance 1
  • UTC in fallback - Alert ID: 3113, Instance 1
  • Full 30 day log - Alert ID: 3133, Instance 1
  • Security breach - Alert ID: 3136, Instance 1

Note the all alerts are category B, priority Caution. This implies that no acknowledgements on the BAM are required.

Configuring TelScope to connect to the BAM system

Connect TelScope to the BAM system via ttyUSB2. The baud rate can be configured in the TSV. On the BAM side configure the connection with the same baud rate.

To test the connection, monitor the connection on the BAM side. On a working connection TelScope will send ALC sentences every 30 seconds (TelScope's talker is RC, so the sentences will start with $RCALC).