Internal Error

Support: Internal Error

If you see the error message Internal Error in the chart loading log for S63 charts, and you have previously had S63 charts fully functional on the same TECDIS, this guide will give you the necessary instructions for fixing the issue. This issue is caused by a damaged license file.

  • Make sure you follow the instructions 100%. For instance, in the steps below, you absolutely need to perform step 5. Failure to do so will cause you to start again from scratch.
  • If you are unsure if you can perform this, then we advise you to contact a service technician. We consider this guide below to be doable by crew, if you read the guides thoroughly.
  • A tip would be to print the steps below, so you can set a mark besides the step you have performed.

Removing existing charts and licenses Do the following:

  1. Insert a TECDIS Service Key (or Navtor Navstick) in an available USB port in the TECDIS unit.
  2. Wait until the text label Servicemode appears on screen.
  3. Exit the TECDIS program.
  4. Start TECDIS Setup.
  5. Go to the Chart installation/Misc tab.
  6. Press the Start C-Map Chart Manager button. This step is necessary on all TECDIS units with S63 charts.
  7. A warning appears, press Yes to continue. The C-Map Chart Manager program starts.
  8. Select a database by clicking on the entry for it in the Registered databases table.
  9. Press the Unregisterdatabase button.
  10. A confirmation message appears. Press Yes. The database is now deleted.
  11. Repeat steps 8-10 for all chart databases, until the database list is blank.
  12. Close C-Map Chart Manager and TECDIS Setup.
  13. Continue to the next chapter.

Removing the C-Map SDK and CMCLinstall Do the following:

  1. In Windows, open start menu, and open Control panel.
  2. Select Add/remove programs.
  3. In the list, you find C-Map Professional SDK Runtime.
  4. Uninstall C-Map Professional SDK Runtime
  5. Go to the folder C:/Program Files/TECDIS/. There you will find a folder named CMCLinstall. Rename it to CMCLinstallOLD.
  6. Restart Computer

Running TECDIS483Update.exe

  1. Download TECDIS483Upgrade.exe from
  2. Place the upgrade file on the Service Key
  3. Insert a TECDIS Service Key
  4. Locate the TECDIS483Update.exe file and double click it to start the program. If you get an error message, try “run as administrator” right click on file
  5. The TECDIS 483 update program appears. Press the Next button.
  6. Press the Next button to start the installation.
  7. The update program automatically adds TECDIS system files. No user action required.
  8. A confirmation that you want to update the C-Map system files appear. Press the OK button.
  9. C-Map system files are now updated.
  10. This step appears only on Windows XP: This warning is to be ignored. Press the Continue Anyway button.
  11. The first run of TECDIS483Update.exe is complete and a success. Press the Finish button.
  12. A restart is required before continuing. Press the OK button. TECDIS will now restart.
  13. Perform steps above (Running TECDIS483update.exe) once more. This is important!
  14. When TECDIS483Update is finished for the second time, the update to version 4.8.3 is complete. Continue to the next chapter.

Adding the Compiler licenses

  1. Open TECDIS Setup, and go to the Licensing tab
  2. In the Databases field in the upper right corner of the lower half of the window, select Software Modules
  3. Press the button Add License From File. If a question is shown to the right of this button with ‘YES’, ‘NO’, ‘Cancel’ prompts, answer NO
  4. Using the directory browser now shown, select the USB stick containing the S57 license codes (password.usr) and select the directory where these *.usr files are located. The *.usr files should now be shown to the right of the directory list
  5. Select the *.usr file matching the System ID of the current TECDIS system and press OK. If you are unsure of which password file is for which TECDIS, open the password.usr file in Notepad, and read the eToken ID/System ID there.
  6. If a message asking for confirmation of the selected file is shown, press YES
  7. If the S57 license code addition is successful, the message ‘Licensing Completed’ is shown. Press Close

Updating TECDIS-files

  1. Download TECDISupdate.exe (for latest version of 4.8.3) from
  2. Place the upgrade file on the Service Key
  3. Insert a TECDIS Service Key
  4. Locate the TECDISUpdate.exe file and double click it to start the program.
  5. Restart computer.
  6. Open the folder C:/Program Files/TECDIS/CMCLinstall. There you will find a program called eTSwap.exe. Run it, and press Exit when that option appears.
  7. Remove the memory stick and/or Service Key
  8. Start TECDIS
  9. You can now add charts and licenses. Do this as instructed in the TECDIS User Manual you already have (or use the new TECDIS Reference Manual) You can download C-Map Professional+ charts from a C-Map server if needed. Please read the C-Map chart server guide in the upgrade package for details on how to download and use.