AIS Own Ship


Own Ship appears on the screen of its own often, so it can be removed as follows:

1. Insert a Service Key

2. Exit the TECDIS program

3. Open My Computer and go to C: Program Files TECDIS

4. There you find the file TELchart.ini

5. Open it (it opens in Notepad)

6. Scroll until you reach the section that begins with[Options]

7. Find the following line: ais_alarm_watch = 1

8. Convert it to: ais_alarm_watch = 0

9. If you can't find ais_alarm_watch, write itat the top of [Options].

10. When set to = 0, then TECDIS will not respondThis type of alarm message from AIS.

11. Save the file (note that you do not have to change the file type orfilename; it must be stored as telchart.inia. Select file type All Filesb. Enter the full file name: TELchart.ini