Update Log Not Showing Latest Update Date

We recommend that this procedure is performed by someone with computer experience.


Please check the software version on the affected TECDIS system(s). The following procedure will provide the version number.On the TECDIS or TECDIS TCS, check if the menu folders on the right side of the screen are visible.

1.If they are not, press the folder icon at the upper right corner of the screen, labeled ‘Tool menu folders’.

2.Select the menu folder labeled ‘Chart’.

3.Press the button named ‘?’ to the immediate left of the buttons ‘S52’ and ‘INT1’. A chart legend window will be displayed.

4.Note the TECDIS software version number specified in the first entry of the chart legend (TECDIS Software). The version number is thevalue of this field up to the # character.


If this version number starts with 4.6.0, the following procedure will solve the problems you are experiencing with the TECDIS update log.

1.Insert the TECDIS Service Key, and exit TECDIS.

2.Rename the following file: 'C:\Program Files\CM93v3\updtlog.mdb' to 'updtlog.old'.

3.Rename the file attached to this email 'updtlog.rename_to_mdb' to 'updtlog.mdb'.

4.Copy the renamed file 'updtlog.mdb' to C:\Program Files\CM93v3. (The same directory as in step 2)

5.Remove the TECDISService Key and restart the computer.


If this version number starts with 4.7.1,4.7.2 or 4.8.3, perform the following:

1.Insert the TECDIS Service Key, and exit TECDIS.

2.Open 'My Computer' and select the 'Tools' menu. Select 'Folder Options', then the 'View' folder.

3.In the 'Advanced settings' area, ensure that 'Show hidden files and folders' is SELECTED.

4.In the 'Advanced settings' area, ensure that 'Hide extensions for known file types' is NOT selected.

5.Press 'OK'.

6.In the 'My Computer' window, navigate to the following folder:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Program Data\Jeppesen Marine\Professional SDK Runtime\DataBasesif this directory is not present, locate one of the following directories instead:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Jeppesen Marine\Professional SDK Runtime\DataBasesC:\Program Files\CM93v3\DataBases

7.Enter the directory named according to the chart database you are experiencing update log issues (for example: ENC)

8.Enter the subdirectory Updates\Registered\Log.

9.Rename the file updtlog.mdb to updtlog.mdb_old.

10.Remove the TECDIS Service Key and restart the computer.

After the relevant procedure has been performed, the next update will be correctly registered in the update log.