Step 1# Network setup

Network setup

Turn the system on and connect a LAN cable in the back of the system in the port named enp3s0

For DHCP a static lease/reservation must be configured


Setup (Static IP) button to access the next step where you will enter your static IP address.
The IP address must be in the RFC1918 range, or

Network setup check

At this stage Network Setup Check page will be shown.
This check will verify that the shoreside system can be reached.
Press the Check Shoreside Connection button to continue

If shoreside connection fails, double check that you have the LAN cable in the correct LAN port and check if your static IP is entered correctly. If the shoreside connection is complete, an overview page will be shown.


Assign server to vessel

In this step an IMO number or call sign is entered.
This will permanently link the server to the given vessel, so make sure to enter the correct value.